Sprint 5.3.5 Release Notes

Updated by Ruchita Chavda

Uniconta Integration

Bug Fixing

  • Fix an issue in uniconta export invoice app while getting all invoice lists.

Shopify Integration

Bug Fixing

  • Fix an issue when we select a Testing mode in Shopify export order app then file is not uploaded in a selected gateway.

Document Validation


  • Implemented a frontend module through which a user can validate OIOUBL/BISV3 documents.
  • Integrate a backend API for validation with all the adaptors so that while executing transactions according to settings all types of files will be validated by the HubBroker validation module.

PDF 3.0 & Unmapped solution

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug for Line level validation settings only working if line data is available, but it should work when line data is not available and has to fire an error message.
  • Fixed a bug where Item should not added repetitively by the AI Engine
  • Fixed an issue where AI captured Item should not be deleted
  • Fixed a bug where UOM is not captured by the AI Engine
  • Fixed an issue where AI Engine should capture the Invoice details properly
  • Fixed an issue where AI Engine did not capture Items if items were on Invoice's multiple pages

Ticket Module

Bug Fixing

  • Fix a bug while assigning a ticket, ticket module shows "Please resolve the following error".
  • Fix an issue on the timer button tooltip where a message is wrong.
  • Fix a bug for the Start task button which should show a timer when the user clicks on it.

Task Module


  • When one user assigns the ticket to another user, the task should automatically be closed and a new task should be generated for the assigned user of that particular ticket.
  •  If a task is already running in the task module, the second task should not be started. Only one task should be run at a time for each user.

Bug Fixing

  • Fix a bug where the system allow to start of multiple ticket/task at the same time.
  • Fix a bug when the ticket is assigned to another person the task is not closed, it still shows in the Doing.

Internal task from PD

  • Analysis/Preparation for Microsoft 365 F&O apps
  • Generic JSON File to handle all document type.
  • Update Python code to enhance Tabula output
  • Inhouse AI Order Model update
  • R&D to find a third-party AI Supplier.
  • R&D: Enhance Tabula results and testing

Internal Task from CS

  • ERIKS - 1 Endpoint activation, 4 Different Variant, 2 New mapping request
  • HARTING DEUTSCHLAND GMBH & CO. KG - 1 New mapping request
  • SENNHEISER NORDIC A/S - 1 Endpoint activation
  • Bella Operation A/S - 3 New mapping request
  • LUND-STOUGAARD ApS - 1 New service activation
  • Maplesoft Europe Limited - 1 New mapping request

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