iPaaS 4.4.7 release note

Microsoft Dynamic 365: Export Customer Invoices


  • Improved the back-end logic to get proper bank details from Dynamic 365 account.
  • Updated the code for get customers GLN no from Dynamic 365 API

Uniconta: Export customer invoices


  • Added a feature to attached PDF bytes in all type of document format while sending to customers.

Network - Trading Partners


  • Added feature to download exported data according to filtration.



  • Updated the code for manage to convert different page seizes in 1 PDF.


Bug solving

  • Bug solved for Adaptor widgets where upload files feature is not working from a dashboard view

All Tickets

Bug solving

  • Update back-end logic to remove email ids from cc if it's already available in TO while response comes from HubBroker support.

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 30.05.2020

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