Records Overview

Records overview represents graphical overview of all the records processed through HubBroker iPaaS platform.

Records Overview - Yearly representation

User can view yearly records by selecting month as All

User can choose any adaptor from filtration and it will display all the records based on the adaptor

Records Overview - Monthly representation

User can view monthly records by selecting any month

Overview of records status

Success: Displays all the success records which are transformed through mapping

Routing: Displays all the routing records which are routed from one gateway to another gateway

Failed: Displays all the failed records which are failed due to any reason, it may be upload issue, download issue, any technical reason or mapping issue

Already processed: Displays records which are already processed through the system

Total: Display all the records, Total = Success + Routing + Failed + Already Process

Total Transactions displays total unique transactions throughout the HubBroker iPaaS platform
User can click on graph and it will directly redirect to advance search history with selected criteria of graph

Category: Analytics & Reports

Last date of update: 11.09.2018

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