iPaaS 4.0.2 release note

Release Date: 28/08/2018

Adaptor changes

New features

  • Merged HubApps and Adaptors section into 'Adaptors'


  • All the preconfigured adaptors will be displayed into 'Catalogue' page
  • Feature to activate preconfigured adaptors directly from the catalogue page
  • Feature to search adaptors based on requirements and if any adaptor is not found then we have below 2 options
    • Feature to create new custom adaptor
    • Feature to contact HubBroker support for any custom requirement

My Adaptors:

  • All the activated or configured HubApps and Adaptors will be displayed in 'My Adaptors' section
  • Feature to edit, copy, archive, delete the adaptor
  • Feature to view history for the adaptor

Utility changes

New Features

  • Feature to activate any adaptor from the utility link: https://ipaas.hubbroker.net/Utility/Adaptors
  • If user exists into HubBroker then user can login into HubBroker, if not then user can register into HubBroker and it will automatically activate the adaptor in user's account

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