e-conomic : Import Supplier Invoices


  1. Import supplier invoices into e-conomic
  2. Import supplier invoices using gateways (SFTP, FTP, DROPBOX, From VANS, Imap, Post Receiver)
  3. Define notification settings (Positive/Negative email notifications to the app users)
  4. Import invoices  daily, weekly, hourly based on scheduling mechanism.
  5. Share Adaptor with other users in your subscription with lots of security features.

Configuration flow

Procedure to activate Adaptor e-conomic: Import Supplier Invoices

Navigate to Adaptors -> Catalogue, there you can find multiple Adaptors which you can use for business purpose

Click on 'Activate', Adaptor e-conomic: Import Supplier invoices will be activated in your account

You can choose any other gateway which is supported by HubBroker as a source system and it will be selected as a source gateway while configuring adaptor.

After activation of Adaptor it will navigate to 'General' screen of Adaptor

Procedure to configure Adaptor e-conomic: Import Supplier Invoices

In General you can manage different settings described in below (General) image

Learn more about sharing and security - Click here

Click on 'Source' to connect source gateways to import the invoices into e-conomic account

Learn how to connect source gateway -Click here

Click on 'Destination' to connect e-conomic account in destination, and invoices will be imported into e-conomic account once it is configured

Learn how to connect e-conomic account with iPaaS? - Click here

Click on 'Import Rules' to add settings for suppliers for import of documents

In 'Import Rules', all the suppliers connected through e-conomic account will be displayed and you can activate all/specific suppliers for invoices

After activation of suppliers you can change custom settings (product settings) for individual supplier

'Matched customers with HubBroker network' tab and 'Help me activate customers automatically' button will be displayed if you have choose 'From HubBroker Network' gateway as a source gateway

After activation of supplier it will be displayed like below (Activated supplier ) image:

Default settings for Invoice import

Settings to get supplier details from e-conomic account to import the invoice base on different priority

Custom settings for particular supplier

You can change below settings for individual supplier

Notification settings

Feature to send positive and negative notifications for document and Adaptor level

Learn more about notification settings - Click here

Schedule settings

You can set schedule for Adaptor when you want to be run the Adaptor automatically

Learn more about schedule settings - Click here


You can view all the transactions of Adaptor through Dashboard

You can view all the details of exported documents like sender, receiver, document number, customer invoice number, supplier invoice  number and status

You can view XML file of invoices which are exported and successfully processed into destination gateway

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