iPaaS 5.1.6 release note

Updated by khhi@hubbroker.com

PDF 3.0


  • Remove special characters from Lookup data to match data with PDF.
  • Skip a line using a specified keyword in PDF 3.0.
  • Feature to apply default/ fully override/additional validations along with field collection validation.
  • PDF 3.0 editor should be display and error message which states the original status of already processed to destination.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the Bug of Default Function in PDF3.0.
  • Fix the Bug of Get Current Date Extraction function in PDF 3.0.
  • Fix the Bug of Substract date and Add date Extraction function in PDF 3.0.
  • Fix the bug of transaction history details when file is failed due to PDF 3.0.

iPaaS Improvement


  • Document information of SBDH files in dashboard.
  • The unmapped module is now taking less time to open.
  • Fast results while Searching data in Advance Search.

Bug Fixing

  • Fix the bug of Unmapped flow- Order - missing some tags while generate output bis3.
  • Fix the bug of Unmapped flow - unable to open BIS3 Order editor link.
  • Fix the bug of Unmapped flow - Rename the default Validation name to "Unmapped validations".(change in database)
  • Fix the bug of Unmapped flow- data should be transformed properly from XML editor for BISV3 and finvoice.
  • Fix the bug of add signature as an attachment while replying to customers.

Trading Partner Network Sync

  • Synchronization of HubBroker network with NemHandle.

Shopify Integration

Bug Fixing

  • Fix the Bug of Shopify API version for post fulfillment order.
  • Fix the bug of feature of prefix while selecting Get customer data in External document no.


  • Remove the deprecated objects from app back-end.

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