iPaaS 4.1.5 release note

Release Date: 23/02/2019


New features

  • Feature to extract zip recursively at adaptor level


  • Export adaptor (e-conomic, Uniconta) changes: Add new feature to set customer EDIRefNo in exported documents from reference settings
  • Import adaptor(e-conomic) changes
  1. e-conomic import adaptor
  • Add new feature to get customer EDI reference no from document and set it in reference settings
  1. Uniconta import adaptor
  • Add new features in delivery location settings :
    • Use Incoming order ShipTo GLN and default delivery details from customer
    • Get filtered location out of all locations of the customer, after applying search in the 'EAN' using location no from order file

Small features and Bug fixing

  • Change file name using filtration settings
    • Added {@filename}.xml and {@filename}.txt to change the file name and extension of file
  • Do not read email again if emails forwarded recursively

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