How to configure new adaptor?

An adaptor contains the following:

  • Master data on the integration process.
  • Desired source (gateways) to data.
  • Transformation required.
  • Desired destination (gateways) for data.
  • Notification setup.
  • Timed transformation.


When user clicks on to create new adaptor then it will navigate to general screen of adaptor and there all the basic details for the adaptor needs to be filled up.

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In Source you can connect any source gateway as a input for the adaptor and it will process all the documents from the source

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If you want to convert source file into some different format then you can use Transformation accordingly

If you want to simply route the file from source to destination then do not add any transformation, you can skip this step

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In destination you can select any gateway to choose gateway as output and it will send all the files to this selected gateway

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Feature to send positive and negative notifications for document and Adaptor  level

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Schedule settings

You can set schedule for Adaptor when you want to be run the adaptor automatically

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My Adaptors

You can view all the adaptors in 'My Adaptors' screen in different views

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Last date of update: 24.09.2018

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