iPaaS 4.3.1 release note

Release Date: 05/10/2019

Mapping Overview


  • All the records should be in sequential order (i.e. 1 2 3 …. 100 so on) for “No” column
  • New column “In Production” introduced with YES and NO values to identify the mapping execution was on Production or not.
  • To remove “Canceled” prefix and highlighted that record with different colour
  • Current month new chargeable mappings exist (i.e. >=1) then those records should be highlighted by yellow colour.
  • The summary should be displayed just below the table of records.
  • We will add a new comment column to show the description of mapping variant (Chargeable or new changeable) only if its count is 2 or more.
    • For Chargeable its title should be “New structure”
    • For Non-chargeable title should be “New structure(Minor Change)”



  • Trial subscription days updated to 14 from 30

Bug Fixes

  • My Mapping - Filter is not working once we click "send request" and cancel it
  • Mapping Overview - User group dropdown - Records should be in ascending order

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 05.10.2019

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