Configuration Collection View

How to create a new Field Collection

  • User can create a new field collection under Settings -> Field Collection
  • Click on '+' , you will be launched on the new field collection where you have to choose version 2 for PDF 3.0, Document type & Document Format, and upload a sample output sample for a binding key.
  • After scrolling down the view, you can also add the collection group as per your requirement.

  • While adding a new collection group provide group name and appropriate group type.

  • User can add required mapping fields inside particular collection groups and provide other details like mapping field key, Title, Description, Document Info. value, Xpath, and XML output file binding key.

  • User can also choose the option to make the mapping field mandatory or default as per their requirement.
  • Click on 'Validation Tab' and the below screen will appear to apply different types of validations.

  • Click on 'Template Configuration Fields' and a user will redirect to the below screen to set the binding key in an output XML file.

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