Onboarding Procedure: Opencart Webshop to iPaaS

Procedure to connect Opencart Webshop to iPaaS

Browse with  https://www.opencart.com

Navigate to MarketPlace and search extension with one of the below keywords

Ex. orders, order, invoices, e-conomic, economic, order synchronization, orders synchronization, synchronization, integration, B2B, opencart to e-conomic, opencart to economic, HubBroker, hubbroker, iPaaS, ipaas, HB, hb.

After clicking on HubBroker extension it will navigate to below screen

Click on 'Download' to get IPaasOpencartAPI.zip folder

After clicking on IPaasOpencartAPI.html it will navigate to below screen

Click on 'Connect Webshop'  to connect your opencart store to our service and zip will be download.

Follow the below instructions. 

Click on 'Check Connection' when all the above steps are successfully completed and then it will navigate to Synchronization rules for the Adaptor

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