iPaaS 4.6.5 release note

TDC Editor Functionality


  • Changed mail format for TDC forward link
  • Improved page scroll for the Editor View.
  • UI-related changes for Same As Billing option.
  • Adding Export Excel functionality to export the data list of Invoices.
  • Removed unnecessary mandatory field validations.
  • After the file successfully processed, the file should only be viewed.
  • Forward link Email Input with multiple email ids through comma separate emails.
  • Added validations to not allow the invoice to process twice with the same document no.

Ticket Module

Bug fixing

  • Solved the issue for while draft note/reply Ticket Status and Assigned user should be not changed.


  • Updated the Transaction Category dropdown values to only show the necessary data.

Customer-specific tasks

  • ERIKS PDF templates - Order 1002 To 1011(Total - 10), Order [10], Order Response [0]
  • Approx. Eriks change request completed in this sprint –29
  • Approx. Eriks new variant completed in this sprint -08 (6 Payable, 2 Not Payable)
  • Approx. completed Eriks OnHold tickets-20
  • Wexoe: 4 New Mappings
  • Jacobi: 3 New Mappings

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 08.02.2021

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