iPaaS 4.1.0 release note

Release Date: 22/12/2018

Special field collection module

New features

  • Feature to add special field collections based on different document types
  • Feature to add different special fields according to collections
  • Feature to select special field collection based on document type while configuring new mapping

Notification changes


  • Implemented invoice/order full body in email notifications for adaptors in all positive notifications

Alignment - Purchase order and Sales order to Order


  • Changed document type from Purchase order and sales order to 'Order' in iPaaS
  • Mapping - Need to select document type as 'Order' instead of 'Purchase Order' and 'Sales Order'

Small features and Bug fixing

  • Backend improvements for all import adaptors
  • Sent Christmas report to all customers
  • Invite user feature - Bug solved for existing customer but new user invitation link

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 22.12.2018

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