iPaaS 4.6.3 release note

Trading Partners

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the paging issues for Medium View and Endpoint View.
  • Fixed the issue on clearing the Document format Dropdown when clicking on the Clear button.
  • Improved Sequencing of Companies based on paging.
  • Solved the issue for Enter key not working on the Website Trading Partner page.
  • Fixed the issue for proper selection of data to copy and search conveniently.

TDC Editor Functionality

New Feature

  • Added new UI to the Editor functionality.
    • Opening the PDF on the same page with a split-screen.
    • Creating Editor as a form to make the data entry much easy and convenient.
    • Added Save Draft functionality for the Editor along with providing the details as comments.
  • Created a custom HubApp to process single email as single invoice which can contain either single or multiple reference documents e.g. word, excel, image or PDF.
  • Created custom Dashboard for opening the file in Editor directly from the Dashboard.
    • It includes Reject file functionality, in which the Admin user can soft reject the edited file due to any issue or improper data.
    • The dashboard also displays the file is Assigned to which user for editing.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue for clicking on the Cancel button should not redirect to Dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue for the XML Editor button that was not working.

All Import HubApps


  • Added validations for all import apps, if EAN/Reg No. not available then it will fire validation to provide one of them to activate the endpoint.

All Tickets

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue for when replying to the customer, the name displaying in the mail should be of who replied instead of the Assigned ticket user.

Export XML for My Mappings


  • Added new field for checking whether the Mapping is in Test or Production Execution Mode.

Format Conversion


  • Added validations for Simpler Invoice document format.

Customer-specific tasks

  • ERIKS PDF templates - Order 974 TO 981, Order Response 495(Total - 9), Order [8], Order Response [1]
  • Approx. Eriks change request completed in this sprint –15
  • Approx. Eriks new variant completed in this sprint -06 (4 Payable, 2 Not Payable)
  • Approx. completed Eriks OnHold tickets-20

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Last date of update: 25.01.2021

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