iPaaS 4.6.8 release note

TDC Editor


  • Added a feature store user's filter selection on dashboard while navigate from dashboard view to editor view vice versa.
  • Added a feature to display sender email Id, subject and received Date in the comment section from editor view.
  • Added a feature for the wire payment[US] backend code.
  • Added a option to enable or disable tax from each line after adding all lines.
  • Added a feature to main level tax set in tax textbox from editor view.
  • Added a feature to user directly navigate to Dashboard view when click on Send, submit the file from editor view.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the issue to convert Invoice to credit note file from editor view.
  • Fixed the issue to add, edit or delete payment detail from editor view.
  • Change label based on document type. e.g. In Invoice Invoice Number, Invoice Date etc.

New Tickets


  • Added a feature to display customer fields while selecting the Department should be 'Sales' and Customer should be 'New Lead' from dropdowns.

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Bug fixing

  • Fixed the issued when previous Post Category is none then while Adding note section Category dropdown by default 'select' option selected.

Uniconta: Import Customer Orders

New Feature

  • Added a feature for Quantity settings to get option to choose "Use product’s quantity from XML file" or "Use product’s default sales quantity from uniconta account and if it is not available then take from XML file".

Bug fixing

  • Fixed the issue while importing order then automatically set currency code.

Uniconta: Export Customer Invoices

Bug fixing

  • Fixed the backed code for the Ship To Address should be less then 35 length.

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