iPaaS 3.7.2 release note

Transformation changes

New Features (1 PDF Mapping -> multiple variants)

  • Settings to configure multiple variants for PDF to XML mapping
  • Settings to attach multiple documents in multiple variants
  • Settings to send request for mapping according to variant configured


  • Feature to export necessary details of mapping data which is configured in PDF template configuration
HubApp: Shopify products synchronization

New Features

  • Synchronization of products with shopify API
  • Settings to import the products according to options selected like product, quantity, SKU, EAN, price and it will display all the synchronized productsin shopify app
KPI Report changes

New Features

KPI report: Mapping request VS delivery request

  • Displays request time and delivery time of template and calculate total time (In days)
  1. If total time is less than 3 days, then it will be On-Time delivery
  2. If total time is greater than 3 days, then it will be Delayed delivery
  3. If template is in progress, then status will be pending for that template

KPI report: transaction duration

  • Displays the report for on-time transactions and delayed transactions
  • Settings for transaction duration like target(%) of on-time transactions, delivery time and delivery gateways and same settings will also be displayed in Transaction In/Out time duration report for that customer
Sharing & Security changes
  • New external sharing option for gateway: 'All customers except specific customers'
  • Removed KPI: transaction lines report from KPI report
Bug Fixes

Front End Design Bugs

  • Dashboard & Analytics transactions count issue solved
  • Transaction in/out time duration report issue solved
  • Tooltip broken issue (Dashboard) solved

Back End Bugs

  • Hubapps negative notification action moduleissue solved

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