iPaaS 4.5.2 release note

Supplier Invoices to TDC

  • Launched a new app - Supplier Invoices to TDC through this user can directly able to send electronic invoices to TDC in a few steps.
  • Feature to set notifications through invoice settings to get a positive notification.
  • Feature to attach multiple attachments while sending invoices/credit notes to TDC.
  • Feature to generate a credit note of already sent invoices in a single click.
  • Please find the more details here - User guide
  • On-board yourself to HubBroker system to send an invoices/credit notes to TDC - Try now

All Export Apps


  • Feature to apply test/production execution mode on endpoint level in the below-listed apps
    • Economic Export Customer Invoice
    • Economic Export Customer Price Catalogue
    • Dinero Export Customer Invoice
    • Uniconta Export Customer Despatch Advice
    • MSDynamic 365 Export Customer Invoice

All Import/export Apps


  • Feature to change an account in the adaptor source, the configuration will be the same as customized settings for customers as per the current setup. the same feature is also available in below adaptors.
    • Economic Import Customer Order
    • Uniconta Import Customer Order
    • Economic Import Customer Invoice
    • Economic Import Supplier Invoice
    • Uniconta Import Supplier Invoice
    • Dinero Import Customer Invoice
    • Billy Import Customer Invoice
    • Economic Export Customer Invoice
    • MSDynamic 365 Export Customer Invoice
    • Uniconta Export Customer Invoice
    • Dinero Export Customer Invoice
    • Billy Export Customer Invoice
    • Debitoor Export Customer Invoice
    • Uniconta Export Customer Despatch Advice
    • Economic Export Customer Price Catalogue
    • Economic Customer Invoice Reminder
    • Billy Export Invoice Reminder
    • Debitoor Export Invoice Reminder
    • Dinero Export Invoice Reminder

Uniconta: Export Customer Invoice


  • Feature to see at an export rule that endpoint is in which execution mode: Test/Production.

Economic Import Customer Invoice

Bug Fixing

  • In Dashboard - label for doctype is not proper at '+' buttons.

Self - Support Editor


  • Feature to apply total calculation validation for HUBXML .
  • Feature to Added below fields for Order while sending order through self-support editor.
    • Label Information 1
    • Label Information 2
    • Label Information 3
  • Added below fields for an OrderResponse while sending OrderResponse through self-support editor.
    • Customer Line Reference No
    • External Quantity

My Mappings

Bug Fixing

  • My mapping - Solved the bug to set the validation message if the value didn't get for document type while editing mapping details.

All App Accounts

Bug Fixing

  • Updated the backend logic to save sharing security for it.

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Last date of update: 13.08.2020

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