What is Lookup?

Lookup is simply collection of customer's own data for product,delivery location and customer trading partners which is supported by HubBroker.

There are mainly 2 modules for lookup:

  1. New Lookup
  2. My Lookups

Below provides all the details related to lookup.

  • User can make new lookup according to different lookup types
  • User can provide lookup title,description and select lookup type
  • User can manage active / inactive status of lookup

You can create new mapping in below ways:

Navigation in left menu bar -> 'New Lookup'

Navigation in left menu bar -> 'My Lookups' -> Click on plus button '+ New Lookup'

HubBroker iPaaS provides 3 types of lookup.

  1. Product Lookup - Collection of products data
  2. Delivery Location Lookup - Collection of delivery locations data
  3. Customer/Trading Partner Lookup - Collection of customers/trading partners data

iPaaS provides facility to restrict the use of lookup from other users by providing ’Sharing & Security’ module while creating new lookup

Learn more about sharing and security -  Click here

  • User can view all the lookup created by that users.
  • User can filter data according to search criteria like title, lookup types.
  • User can edit and delete the lookup.
  • User can export all the data in excel and XML format.

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Last date of update: 10.10.2019

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