HubBroker believes in data security and trust in handling data on behalf of our customers.

HubBroker has before the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) been focusing on secure and reliable data handling.

HubBroker has defined following policies:

  1. HubBroker iPaaS Security Policy
  2. Login Security Policy
  3. Hacking Rescue Policy
  4. HubBroker iPaaS Network and Trading Partner Integration Policy

With GDPR we have added additional policies and checklists. 

  1. HubBroker Supplier list
  2. FAQ - HubBroker and GDPR
  3. HubBroker & Data Protection Officer
  4. HubBroker & Lead Supervisory Authority
  5. HubBroker - Roles and Responsibilities under GDPR
  6. Customer GDPR Data Processing Agreement

If you have additional questions about data security at HubBroker, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Category: GDPR

First date of update: 24.09.2018

Last date of update: 13.01.2020

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