What is Mapping?

Mapping  is mainly used for converting files from one format to another format according to business requirements.

There are mainly 3 modules for mapping :

  1. New Mapping  
  2. My Mappings
  3. Mapping  History

Below provides all the details related to mapping , how user can convert files from one format to another format.


  • User can make different mapping according to different mapping types and can convert the documents in other format in this module
  • User can create new mapping in this module according to business requirements to convert the documents in different formats

You can create new mapping in below ways:

Navigation in left menu bar -> 'New Mapping'

Navigation in left menu bar -> 'My Mappings' -> Click on plus button '+ New Mapping'

Right hand side widgets -> 'Create new mapping'

  • HubBroker iPaaS provides 5 types of mappings to convert documents in other formats which are described below:

               1. XSLT : XML to XML

               2. XSL-FO: XML to PDF

               3. PDF to XML/CSV/Edifact

               4. Preconfigured Transformations

               5. Others

  • iPaaS provides facility to restrict the use of mapping from other users by providing ’Sharing & Security’ module while creating new mapping  
  • User can choose any option in sharing like:

             - All Users: Share the mapping to all the users

             - Only Me: Don’t share the mapping to any user

             - Specific group: Share the mapping to selected user groups

            - Only admin users: Share the mapping to only admin users

  • User can lock the mapping so that other users will not be able to change the mapping


  • User can view all the mappings created by that users in different views like medium view and table view
  • User can filter data according to search criteria like title, mapping status, types, document type, date (requested, created, delivery) etc.
  • User can edit and delete the mapping , user can see connected adaptors and mapping history for all the mappings
  • User can export all the data in excel and xml format
  • User can view payable and non-payable counts of variants

Medium View

Table view

  • When user clicks on ’Click here to see connected adaptors’, it will display the adaptors which are connected to mapping , and user can edit the adaptor from this popup


  • Mapping  History displays all the history of all the mappings whether it is success, failed, upload failed or already processed
  • User can filter the data using search criteria like mapping , date, document no, status
  • User can export all the data in XML and excel file and download searched files

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Last date of update: 14.10.2019

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