iPaaS 4.6.2 release note

Format Conversion

New Feature

  • Now, Hubbroker has started supporting SI-UBL Format for Invoices.

Document Editor

Bug fixes

  • Solved the Issue for Lines not being able to add in OIOUBL Converter.

Trading Partners

Bug fixes

  • Solved the Issue for search filter only showing Default data.


New Feature

  • Implemented the code so that customer can get an acknowledgment of the sent document

Customer-specific tasks

  • ERIKS PDF templates - Order 968 TO 973, Order Response 485 TO 494 (Total - 16), Order [6], Order Response [10]
  • Approx. Eriks change request completed in this sprint –12
  • Approx. Eriks new variant completed in this sprint -05 (3 Payable, 2 Not Payable)
  • Approx. completed Eriks OnHold tickets-25
  • Atea
    • Added the email notification settings to send a negative notification if the file fails for IMAP
  • Tillex - Harald Nyborg
    • Created new conversion:
      • Order: Edifact -> Hubxml
      • Invoice: Hubxml -> Edifact
  • New Lead: Jakob kongsbak-lassen created conversion for PDF -> BISV3.
  • New Lead: Jacobi routing BISV3 files(Invoice).

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 25.01.2021

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