iPaaS 4.0.3 release note

Release Date: 08/09/2018

HubApp: E-conomic Import Customer orders

  • Added new feature to search product using new option: Buyer Item No from XML file to search e-conomic products.

Generate Creditnote

  • Feature to generate creditnote from invoice from dashboard and advance search
  • It will automatically open the creditnote into document editor and send it to the destination gateway

Analytics changes


Records Overview
  • Restructured analytics for records overview to display all the records according to customer adaptors
Documents' lines
  • Display all the documents lines according to adaptors
User Statistics
  • Restructured user statistics for merged version of adaptors
Services Overview
  • Restructured services overview for merged version of adaptors

Advance search changes

  • Changes in filtration for Action to make it user friendly

Registration page changes


  • Front end changes in registration page
  • Make Company details as compulsory
  • Country will be 'Denmark' by default while registration

Mapping changes


  • Design related changes to show status for mapping like: under configuration, under development or released

Other small features and bug fixing

  • Highlight the reason in negative notifications in all adaptors
  • Solved change password bug
  • Updated code to remove "Not Available" from subject and body used variable name instead of "Not Available"
    ex: if document no not found then it will show DocumentNo

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