iPaaS 4.3.0 release note

Release Date: 22/09/2019

Dinero Import Customer Invoices

New development (On-boarding)

  • Implemented new customer on-boarding to the iPaaS system
  • User can connect Dinero account with iPaaS-Hubbroker by providing credentials

Economic: Export Customer Price Catalogues

New application development

  • Export the customer specific product price catalogue
  • Consideration of customer specific special price and discount with validity of product price

My Mappings - Pre-configured transformation


  • Introduced new Pre-configured transformation for Price catalogue from HUBXML -> OIOUBL



  • Hide inactive customers and its references (Adaptors, Gateways etc...) from the system

Bug Fixes

  • User group - Email id displayed with customer name in drop-down
  • User group - Sorting for Date Stamp
  • Gateway Filtration settings - Separate and transferred spelling mistake
  • Advance Search - credit note spelling on successful popup
  • Ticket Details - Sorting order for posts
  • Advance Search - Alignment for notification icons

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Last date of update: 22.09.2019

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