iPaaS 3.8.2 release note

HubApp: e-conomic Import Customer Invoices

New feature

  • Feature to import customer invoices into e-conomic
  • Feature to On-board hubapp from e-conomic API directly using Onboarding-link

HubApp: Opencart Product Synchronization


  • Added below fields in frontend and backend
    1. Manufacturer name
    2. Category names
    3. Language id
    4. Product Tags
    5. Meta description
  • Improved backed execution

HubApp: e-conomic automatic invoice reminder


  • Added bank details in customer and main level

HubApp: Opencart ->Economic Orders synchronization

Bug Fixing

  • Design related issues solved for all views

HubApp: Billy Export Customer Invoices - On boarding

HubApp: Dinero Export Customer Invoices - On boarding

HubApp: Debitoor Export Customer Invoices - On boarding

HubApp: Uniconta Export Customer Invoices - On boarding

All HubApp changes


    • Feature to add and change bank details for customer and main level in all export customer invoices and reminder HubApps

    Bug solving

    • Feature to export all the customers (All, configured, non configured) in all hubapps

    HubApp: Debitoor Export Customer Invoices

    Bug solving

    • Paging issue is solved for customers list in debitoor- export customer invoices

    Analytics: Transactions


    • Feature to view total transactions according to days and months
    • Feature to export all monthly transactions according to customer

        Ticket system changes


        • By default below status related tickets will be displayed according to logged in user
        • New, Open, In Progress, On Hold, Awaiting Information

        Email gateway changes


        • Feature to reset template with DK and UK language
        • Added 'customer name' variable in email gateway subject and body

        Adaptor changes


        • Feature to delete archive adaptor
        • If any source gateway which is used in archive adaptor is selected in other adaptor as a source then that source gateway will be removed from archive adaptor
        • Destination - Filtration settings
          • Feature to change file extension as per the given extension after file is uploaded to destination gateway

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