iPaaS 3.7.1 release note

KPI report changes

New features

KPI Report: Transaction duration

  • Displays the report for on-time transactions and delayed transactions
  • Settings for transaction duration like target(%) of on-time transactions, delivery time and delivery gateways and it defined settings will also display in Transaction In/Out time duration report for that customer

KPI Report: Mapping request Vs Mapping Delivery

  • Displays request time and delivery time of template and calculate total time (In days)
  1. If total time is less than 3 days, then it will be On-Time delivery
  2. If total time is greater than 3 days, then it will be Delayed delivery
  3. If template is in progress, then status will be pending for that template
Adaptor notification changes


  • Feature for selecting multiple gateways in destination gateways selection in notification 3(a) and 3(b)

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