iPaaS 3.8.4 release note

Release Date: 03/03/2018

HubApp: Debitoor Automatic customer invoices reminder

New Features

  • Implemented new HubApp Debitoor: Automatic customer invoices reminder
  • Feature to send automatic invoices reminder to customer every one hour on scheduling mechanism
  • Feature to send confirmation to supplier before reminder is sent to customer
  • Feature to process old invoices
  • Feature to create new invoices for overdue invoices with late fee charges
  • Feature to send electronic reminder to customer to specific destination
  • Notification settings - When any new invoices are created and reminders are sent to customers

HubApps - User guide

New Features

  • Feature to view user guide for below HubApps when any new HubApp is activated through onboarding process in activation email or on Userguide link
    • e-conomic: Export Customer Invoices
    • e-conomic: Automatic Customer Invoices Reminders
    • e-conomic: Import Customer Orders


New Features

  • Validation settings
    • Feature to do validation settings in source and destination in adaptor to validate the documents according to validation rules

URL Module rights

 New Features

  • If any user is trying to access any module using URL
    • If that user has no rights according to sharing and security concepts then it will display popup of "You have no rights to access this module"
    • If user has rights to access the module then it will show popup for switch user to Admin users

Ticket changes


  • If user is logged in using switch user option then while giving post for ticket it will display popup for verification of user

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