billy: Automatic Invoice Reminder


  1. Activate all or specific customers to send reminders
  2. Feature to send confirmation to supplier(Sender) before reminder has been sent to customers
  3. Feature to create new invoices for overdue invoices with late fee charges
  4. Feature to send electronic reminders to customer to specific destination
  5. Define notification settings (Positive/Negative email notifications to the app users)
  6. Send reminders every six hour on scheduling mechanism.
  7. Share Adaptor with other users in your subscription with lots of security features.

Configuration flow

Procedure to activate Adaptor Billy: Automatic Invoice Reminder

Navigate to Adaptors -> Catalogue, there you can find multiple Adaptors which you can use for business purpose

Click on 'Activate',  Adaptor billy: Automatic Invoice Reminder  will be activated in your account

After activation of Adaptor it will navigate to 'General' screen of Adaptor

Procedure to configure Adaptor Billy: Automatic Invoice Reminder

In General you can manage different settings described in below (General) image

Click on 'Source' to connect billy account with iPaaS, and reminders will be sent to customers from your billy account once it is configured

How to get API key from your billy account

Learn how to connect billy account with iPaaS? - Click here

Click on 'Reminder Rules' to add settings for customers and supplier

In 'Reminder Rules', all the customers connected through billy account will be displayed and you can activate all/specific customers for reminders

After activation of customers you can do reminder settings for individual customer

After activation of customer it will be displayed like below (Activated customer) image:

Advanced Settings

Feature to do below settings in Advanced settings

  1. Process old invoices
  2. Create new invoices for overdue invoices
  3. Ignore invoices
  4. Electronic reminder settings

Reminder Settings

Electronic Reminder settings

If you want to send electronic reminder to customer then you can customize settings for General settings, Supplier/Sender Settings, Customer/Receiver Settings, Output format and Destination Gateway

Output Format - Define in which format you want to send electronic reminder

Destination Gateway - Define where you want to send electronic reminder

Notification settings

Feature to send positive and negative notifications when new invoices are created in billy account and when reminders are send to customers

Learn more about notification settings - Click here


You can view all the transactions of Adaptor through Dashboard

You can view all the details of reminders like customer, Invoice No, Invoice date, Due date, status (Paid or unpaid)

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Last date of update: 24.09.2018

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