iPaaS 4.6.4 release note

New Ticket


  • Removed the validations, So there is no need to provide extra information to create the ticket.
  • Removed error type field for all departments.

TDC Editor Functionality

New Feature

  • Implemented a new feature to capture data through AI Smart Detection which will save the user's time to enter the basic data.
  • AI captured data will be highlighted with green color.
  • Send editor link from Dashboard using the new forward feature.
  • Added feature to merge all PDF documents.
  • Added feature to convert Excel/word file to PDF.
  • Now validation is also available in XML Editor.


  • AI
    • Added logs from the system for any error, issue, or exception analysis. It will also be used for indexing AI model performance.
    • Added threading to incorporate parallel and multiple processing. This will allow multiple processes to run concurrently and will improve the speed.
  • Removed unnecessary fields for data entry in Editor Page.
  • Added color bar for Status of Document, whether New, In Progress, Success, etc.
  • Added dropdown for Currency and Country Code.
  • Changes in the UI to make it more suitable for the end-users.
  • Added Validations for the data should be necessary for the mandatory fields.
  • Improved filtration in the Dashboard View.
  • Delivery details were not visible in the Editor form after saving it.
  • User can only view the Transformed file when the file is in the Review or Success state.
  • Fixed the issue for Line Details and Legal Monetary Total empty in XML Editor.
  • Detect proper Delivery data and should be shown based on Editor fields.
  • Applied all types of schema validation on Validate button with a proper error message.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue for line data not getting saved from UI.



  • Added Document No. in the Response file to make it easy for the user to track the original file.

Customer-specific tasks

  • ERIKS PDF templates - Order 982 To 1001, Order Response 496 To (Total - 21), Order [20], Order Response [1]
  • Approx. Eriks change request completed in this sprint –28
  • Approx. Eriks new variant completed in this sprint -06 (5 Payable, 1 Not Payable)
  • Approx. completed Eriks OnHold tickets-30
  • New Lead: ONLINEPOS Export EHF Invoices and Credit notes from Economic.
  • Project Place: 1 variant
  • PROJECTPLACE PDF conversion to BISINVOICE Norwegian endpoints
  • Wexoe: variant(Akva Group)

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Last date of update: 25.01.2021

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