iPaaS 4.6.1 release note

All Tickets


  • Change the Ticket Department into three major categories:
    • Development
    • Support
    • Sales

My Mappings


  • Added new columns which give information that Mapping is either in Production or Testing in Export to Excel.

Customer-specific tasks

  • ERIKS PDF templates - Order 960 TO 967, Order Response 478 TO 484 (Total - 15), Order [8], Order Response [7]
  • Approx. Eriks change request completed in this sprint –28
  • Approx. Eriks new variant completed in this sprint -06 (3 Payable, 3 Not Payable)
  • Total completed Eriks OnHold tickets-30
  • Varian Medical Systems
    • Updated the code for change request for billing address and your reference
  • Klarborg Denmark A/S
    • Fixed the issue for your reference was missing in the output PDF.
  • Tillex: 1 New Mapping

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 28.12.2020

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