iPaaS 3.7.3 release note

Dashboard changes


  • The current dashboard is extended with new functionality to switch dashboard view to switch views or widgets based on customization and customization will occur based on user and not based on customer
  • Below widgets will be displayed to activate or deactivate according to need of user: 
  1. Account Information: Account Information displays information about total count of HubApp, Adaptors, Gateways, Mappings, Trading partners,Transactions, Records, Transformation for that user
  2. Account Statistics: Account statistics displays graph according to selection in dropdown like Transactions, Records, Transformation
  3. Latest Records: Displays latest records processed through iPaaS platform
  4. My Adaptors: Displays all the adaptors according to user rights
  5. My Hub Apps: Displays activated hub apps for that user, and that user can activate new hub app by clicking on ‘Activate New Hub Apps’, so it will redirect to catalogue page to activate new hub app
  6. My Mappings: Displays the mappings according to user rights 
  • Settings to activate or deactivate widgets from dashboard and widget settings page
  • HBAdmin can see all the counts for all adaptors for all the customers
Hub app changes
  • When any new hubapp will be activated from catalogue page from customer account then alert will be created to notify HBAdmin and HBUser
  • Design changed for Catalogue and My HubApps page view
  • Redesign for all the hub apps – divided into different tabs like general, source, destination, export rules/ import rules/ synchronization rules, notification, schedule according to hubapp requirements and functionality
  • General: Displays title, description and status of hub app and sharing & security settings for the hub app
  • Source: Connection to account and any source to export/import documents
  • Destination: Connection to any account to synchronize the products
  • Export rules/Import rules/synchronization rules: Customer settings for export/import of documents, customized settings for all selected customers, define supplier/sender settings, synchronization settings
  • Notification: Notification settings to send notification to users
  • Schedule: To set schedule for hubapp to run the hubapp in some interval of time on scheduled time automatically
  • Below hubapp has been changed with above changes
  1. Economic – Export customer invoices
  2. Billy – Export customer invoices
  3. Debitoor – Export customer invoices
  4. Dinero – Export customer invoices
  5. Uniconta – Export customer invoices
  6. Shopify – Product synchronization
  7. Opencart - Product synchronization
  8. Economic – Automatic customer invoices reminder
  9. Invoices -> To Customers
  10. Purchase order -> To supplier
  11. Economic – Import customer orders (Front end)
  • Design view changed for New Gateway page
  • Trading partner changes: Table view to see all the data in table format and export functionality to export all the trading partners in excel and xml format

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