iPaaS 3.9.0 release note

Release Date: 30/06/2018

Onboarding procedure changes

  • New login and registration for users
  • Easy setup for new users to on-board with very less inputs
  • Wizard for company details and services to get overview about HubBroker ApS

HubApp Installation Process

  • User will get one welcome email for installation of HubApp when they will install new HubApp from iPaaS - HubBroker ApS catalogue page or using on-boarding
  • HubApp will be in trial stage initially after installation
  • User will receive 2nd email after 7 days of installation to configure the HubApp with user guide link
  • User will receive 3rd email after 25 days of installation to remind to extend their subscription in 5 days and they will receive link to extend subscription
  • User will receive 4th email after 30 days of installation to inform that HubApp is suspended and they need to extend their subscription

All Export customer Invoices HubApp changes

  • Feature to retrieve latest details of configured customers from API using 'Refresh' button in HubApp

All Customer Invoices Reminder HubApp changes

  • Feature to activate customers even if Reg No or EAN No is not not found
  • If customer email id is not found then keep email id as blank in reminder settings
  • Note: If Reg No or EAN No is not found for customers then user will not be able to send electronic reminder

Notification settings

  • Feature to display error message in negative notification if document is failed due to debtor Reg No or EAN No is not found for the customer
  • Backend changes for email settings to display extra document info fields like shipto id, name etc.

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