iPaaS 5.1.8 release note

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  • We have introduced Conditional Functionalities  in our transformation(mapping) module to apply multiple conditions on different fields at a time.
  • Check out our help doc for more Information of Conditional Function

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the bug of multiple lookups in table for line data.

iPaaS Improvement

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the bug of hiding feature of "Select From existing product" feature from the product setting.
  • Fixed the bug of Nullreference exception from Economic: ECPC app.
  • Fixed the bug of pop-up error message when product is not selected in "Use selected product from MSD 365" feature.

Shopify Integration

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the bug of product sync to Shopify app

MSD 365 Integration


  • Added feature of multiple discount to Business Central at line level while import order from shopify

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