Step by step user guide to create new Invoice/Creditnote using HubInvoice Adaptor:

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to Adaptors -> Adaptor 'HubInvoice’ is already installed in your account
  3. You can create new invoice/credit note in two ways:
    1. Click on ‘Click to add new invoice’ to create new invoice and ‘Click to add new Credit note’ to create new credit note in My Adaptors page
    2. Click on ‘Click to see dashboard’ and then click on ‘+ Invoice’ or  ‘+ Creditnote’
  4. Select any customer details to create invoice/credit note and other options will be enabled to change the values according to requirement
    1. It will display popup where you can search customer using name, endpoint id or reg no from HB network
    2. Select any customer by clicking on ‘Select’
    3. All the details related to customer will be displayed in Customer section
  5. Select Supplier/Sender Company according to your requirement
  6. Enter customer contact details
  7. Enter delivery location details (If it is not provided in trading partners or in HB network)
  8. Invoice No/CreditNote No will be generated automatically but you can change it if you want
  9. You can mention Invoice No if you are making credit note for any particular invoice
  10. You can change Invoice/Creditnote date and due date
  11. You can mention Seller/Supplier order no and Buyer/Customer order no
  12. Select any currency according to requirement
  13. Add Invoice/Credit note lines by clicking on ‘Click here to add new line’
    1. Provide all the information related to product like product no, EAN no, product name, description, unit of measure, quantity, unit price and discount (if any)
    2. You can edit or delete the Invoice/Creditnote lines
  14. Payment settings will be by default selected as ‘Default settings from selected supplier company’ and it will display bank details according to selected Supplier/Sender Company
    1. You can add bank details for all your companies in ‘Settings -> My Companies -> Edit company’ or on the left-hand corner ‘My Settings -> My Companies -> Edit company’
    2. You can add custom bank settings also
  15. Total amount and payable amount will be displayed as per your Invoice/Creditnote lines
  16. You can apply tax on total amount
  17. You can mention any notes if any
  18. Click on ‘View’, if you want to see how your Invoice/Creditnote looks like
  19. Click on ‘Edit’, if you want to edit the Invoice/Creditnote again
  20. Click on ‘Copy’, if you want to copy the Invoice/Creditnote and it will create duplicate Invoice/Creditnote
  21. Click on ‘Send Invoice’/‘Send CreditNote’ to send the Invoice/CreditNote to customer according to format and destination gateway

         Note: You can not edit the Invoice/CreditNote once you have sent the Invoice/Creditnote to customer

Step by step user guide to create Creditnote on an existing invoice using HubInvoice Adaptor:

You can create creditnote on an existing invoice using following steps:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard and choose any invoice (where document type is Invoice) for which you want to create creditnote 
  2. Click on 'Click here to view invoice details' and it will open invoice details
  3. You can click on 'Creditnote' on right hand side corner, and it will automatically create creditenote for your existing invoice
  4. You can modify details for creditnote also and do save draft creditenote
  5. Click on 'Send Creditnote' and you need to select output format and destination gateway to send the creditnote.

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