iPaaS 4.5.5 release note

All Tickets


  • Feature to set the default ticket category while creating a support ticket which would be the same as transaction and if we changed the category from support ticket then it will automatically affect transaction details.
  • Bug-Fixing:
    • Solved the issue with the attached links while did a response from the support ticket.
    • Solved the bug while sending emails to the CC email Id field while generating new tickets by Customer User and Customer Admin.

All Import Apps


  • Changed the front view for 'Setting' buttons in import rules.

Supplier Invoices to TDC


  • Updated the frontend view for inserting lines and different payment methods.

My Mappings


  • Changed the error messages of selecting an invalid file while creating the mapping.



  • Set the proper value of EDI Reference No in '+' button.

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 23.09.2020

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