iPaaS 3.8.1 release note


Enhancement and restructure

  • Removed report module and merged into analytics section

      Record's Overview

  • Displays total unique transactions in Records Overview report


  • Merged 3 report to easily identify all the transactions through HubBroker platform
  • Facility to view graphical view and tabular view for all the transactions
  • Facility to view category wise transactions in same page


  • Mapping request vs mapping delivery - Added filter options with mapping type, status and on-time, delayed and pending mapping
  • Design related changes in KPI

Bug Fixing

  • Count mismatch for record's overview, Transactions and category wise transactions report is solved
  • KPI Report - Count and percentage mismatch is solved in Mappings' Records Duration

Registration Process

New Feature and Enhancement

  • Design related changes for registration and login page
  • Added new fields for company name, registration no and routing endpoint id and facility to search company with registration no or name



  • Customer can invite users by giving invitation link to users
  • User can click on invitation link and it will redirect to registration page with user details
  • User profile changes - Added Send Welcome / Reset Password Link, so if it is selected then it will send reset password link to registered email id

Company/ Trading partner


  • Added qualifier with registration no and  routing endpoint id
  • Changes applied in My Companies, Trading Partners and Company Details and Trading Partner Details views to display Company Registration No and Master Routing/Endpoint Id and related changes

Validation Settings

New Feature

  • Feature to validate any document according to all the defined validation settings or business rules
  • If any document is not valid according to defined validation settings or business rules then it will send notification to user and will not process that document further
  • User can send the document again after changing all the required details and it will automatically resend to destination


New feature

  • Facility to add all the endpoints of customer with endpoint id, name, document type, format and all other details
  • Overview of all the endpoints with all the details of sending and receiving documents with format

HubApp: e-conomic Import Customer Orders


  • Feature to retrieve registration no from lookup from customer details from e-conomic
  • User can choose lookup in settings
  • Feature to process same order at customer level
  • If any order contains discount in any line then it will created new product in e-conomic related to discount and settings defines in HubApp
  • Added delivery location priority to search with delivery location data from customer in e-conomic account using external id

Bug Fixing

  • Delete order issue

HubApp: e-conomic Export Customer Orders


  • Feature to select output format and destination gateway at the time of any new customer activation in HubApp

Custom HubApp


  • Implemented notification for customer HubApp



  • Removed filename and added service for transaction for which service(hubadaptor or hubapp) has execute the transaction
  • Added document type and document format column in dashboard and advance search pages
  • Advance search and dashboard view 2 - If any of the action Upload, Transformed or Download is failed due to any reason then it will display with 'F' in action column

Network/ Trading partner


  • Design related changes for network - Trading partners

Post Receiver Gateway

New Feature

  • Feature to create new post receiver gateway and can be used as source gateway to download the files from gateway



  • Added filter option with execution mode either with Production or testing

Email gateway changes


  • Feature to choose variables to generate subject or body with additional content

Ticket system changes


  • Added ticket code in filter options

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