Analytics and Reports overview

Analytics and Reports overview

HubBroker iPaaS provides facility to view different type of analytics and reports with graphical representation and tabular format.

HubBroker supports below analytics and reports. Click on link to view more about reports.

  1. Records Overview - Records overview represents graphical overview of all the records processed through HubBroker iPaaS platform.
  2. Transactions - Transactions represents graphical and tabular overview of all the customer transactions processed through HubBroker platform.
  3. KPI - KPI represents graphical overview of all the mappings' records processed through HubBroker platform.
  4. Records In Out Time Duration - Records In Out Time Duration report indicates the ratio of the transactions received to your destination gateway within the specified time interval.
  5. Filtered Files Overview - Filtered Files Overview report represents the record of all the files filtered through adaptor filtration rule.
  6. Documents' Lines - Document's Lines represents all the Documents' lines of customers through HubBroker platform.
  7. User Statistics - User statistics represents all the details of the users and services configured by the users.
  8. Network Incoming Files - Network Incoming Files represents the history of all the files coming through Hubbroker network.
  9. Services Overview - Services Overview represents all the customers services overview through HubBroker platform.
  10. Mapping Overview - Mapping Overview represents all the transactions and adaptor variant overview through HubBroker platform.

Last date of update: 10.10.2019

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