iPaaS 5.0.9 release note

iPaas Improvement


  • Add a feature to send file to Azure Blob Storage using Post Sender Gateway.


  • Document details will be automatically updated when two tickets will be merging.

PDF 3.0


  • Added new features in Table Settings module like for 'Round Decimal Number' for handling decimal numbers, 'Do OCR Processing' and 'Remove all XML empty tag'.

iPaas Performance


  • Add a new feature to filter based on Price catalogue document type in ticket module.

BC 365 Integration

Bug Fixing:

  • Fix the issue of duplicate invoice that None of the invoices will export duplicate in Export invoice from BC app.
  • Fix the issue of duplicate invoice that Insert a proper exception log details from BC 365 while create order and product.
  • Fix the issue for preventing a null reference exception in export invoice from BC app.
  • Fix the issue of BC 365 dashboard where enable and disable feature is working properly for custom product dropdown selection.
  • Fix the issue for ‘Create New Item’ feature is working properly in Import order to BC 365 dashboard.
  • Fix the issue for Invoice Status Type field.

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