iPaaS 4.3.7 release note

Release Date: 11/01/2020


Bug Fixing

  • The adaptors can able to delete from MyAdaptors view

Back-end Improvement

  • Update backend to start capturing sellto party from HUBXML to BuyerCustomerParty in OIOUBL in case of Invoice
  • Added BuyerContact inside AccountingCustomerParty in case of Creditnote

Import App changes

Back-end Improvement

  • Feature to add building number if exist in delivery address while importing order.
  • If invoice line contains 0 quantity then exclude the line from the invoice.

Filtered File Overview Report

Bug Fixing

  • Feature to see more details like email id, adaptor title in '+' button

Self support editor

New Feature

  • Feature to include the original file into editor
  • Include original file into notification when sending files through editor

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 14.01.2020

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