iPaaS 4.5.1 release note

All Export Apps


  • Feature to apply validation settings in the below-listed apps.
    • Billy Export Customer Invoice
    • Dinero Export Customer Invoice
    • Debitor Export Customer Invoice
    • Economic Export Customer Price Catalogue
    • Dynamic Export Customer Invoice
    • Uniconta Export Customer Delivery Notes

Uniconta: Export Customer invoices


  • Feature to apply to change the execution mode at the endpoint level.
  • If the adaptor has all endpoints in production and wants to move some of them in testing then at the generic level the execution mode of that adaptor will be Mixed.
  • Whenever user will move execution mode at a generic level at that time popup will appear and display the records that how many endpoints are activated in testing and how many are in production

All Tickets

Bug Fixing

  • Feature to apply rights to display tickets according to the customers.
  • Display proper user email id who replied at the ticket post.

Bug Fixing

  • Display proper date stamp in advance search - It should not be min date (like - 01/01/0001).

Document Editor

Bug Fixing

  • Now customers can send files through editor when the file has a different tax total in line level.

Category: Release Note

Last date of update: 01.08.2020

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