iPaaS 3.8.8 release note

Release Date: 11/05/2018

HubApp: Uniconta Import customer orders

New features

  • Implemented new HubApp to import orders into Uniconta account
  • Import customer order using gateways (SFTP, FTP, DROPBOX, From VANS, Imap, Post Receiver)
  • Feature to set validation settings and filtration settings in multiple source gateways
  • Feature to send notifications for document level and HubApp level
  • Feature to set schedule to automatically run the HubApp in some time interval
  • Feature to share HubApp with other users in your subscription with lots of security features

HubApp: Uniconta Export customer invoices


  • Added new field to display invoice account number for customer

HubApp: Documents to trading partner


  • Feature to set process same document Yes or No
    • Yes: It will process same document again
    • No: It will not process same document again 

HubApp: HubInvoice

New features

  • Feature to make creditnote directly from HubInvoice HubApp

HubApp: e-conomic export customer invoices


  • Feature to refresh all the data for configured customer from e-conomic

All export customer invoices HubApp


  • Applied webhook feature in all export customer invoices HubApp
  • Bank/payment settings changes to take domestic or international bank details for the customer in HubApp main level and customer level

All HubApp dashboard changes


  • Feature to search dashboard data using enter key

Onboarding procedure for Opencart HubApps

Opencart HubApps Marketplace

Added below HubApps into Opencart marketplace with logo and banner

  • Opencart order to e-conomic
  • Opencart products synchronzation

Lookup changes

 New features

  • Feature to add multiple documents with sending and receiving format and gateway for customer/trading partner lookup

My company


  • Bank/payment settings changes to take domestic or international bank details for the company

    GDPR Implementation

    • Added New fields in customer module for commercial details like contact person name, contact person email id, contact person phone no to send GDPR email for confirmation related to GDPR


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