What do all the PEPPOL buzzwords mean?

PEPPOL Dictionary

AS2 = Applicability Statement 2 - a protocol for secure and reliable data transport over the internet. AS2 replaced START on  Sep 1st 2014 as the mandatory transport protocol between PEPPOL Access Points.

Access Point (AP) = Exchanges documents with other APs. An AP is typically operated by a service provider. A technical term for Access Point is 'endpoint'.

BIS = The PEPPOL adaptation of a CEN BII specification. BIS is a abbrevation of "Business Interoperability Specification". The specs are available here.

EHF = Elektronisk Handelsformat (Electronic trade format). This is the most commonly used e-invoice standard in Norway. It is a slightly modified CEN BII/PEPPOL BIS invoice. Here you can find its implementation guide. Please refer to Annex 5, page 4, for additional information. 

ISO 6523 = Codes for identifying organizations and parts thereof. A list of identifiers currently used in PEPPOL is available at https://www.Hubbroker.com/iso6523. Also please refer to  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO/IEC_6523 and http://www.cyber-identity.com/download/ICD-list.pdf for more information.

Participant = The end receiver of a PEPPOL transaction 

SMK = Service Metadata Locator for test scenarios. The SMK is used only for exchanging files between PEPPOL Access Points that have pilot certificates.  Participants can be added to the SMK only by certain SMPs that support updating the SMK.

SML = Service Metadata Locator. The SML is a DNS storing the CNAMEs for all SMP’s and the URL to the SMP in which a certain participant resides. A change in the SML can take some time to propagate to the user doing a lookup depending on various DNS caches (and their TTL values) between you and the SML. A PEPPOL Access Point needs a production certificate to be able to lookup a participant in the SML.

SMP = Service Metadata Publisher.  An SMP is a registry that stores receivers' metadata such as their PEPPOL Identifier(s), document type receiving capabilities and which access point(s) they use to receive each document type

START = Secure Trusted asynchronous Reliable Transport – the PEPPOL Transport Protocol for exchanging messages between Access Points. The START protocol was deprecated in PEPPOL on Sep 1st2014 and replaced by AS2.

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