How to connect opencart webshop with iPaaS?

Step by step connection of opencart webshop with iPaaS is shown in below images.

Click on ' + ' to connect new opencart webshop.             

After Click on ' + ' you will redirect to below screen and provide opencart webshop store URL and title .

Click on 'Save' to download opencart integration bridge and follow the below instructions.

  1. Upload the extracted folder to root directory of the webstore FTP.
  2. Make sure there are two files (Api.php,config.php) in "HBOpencartAPI" folder.
  3. Please do not make any changes to the files.
  4. Make sure that folder "HBOpencartAPI" has sufficient read, write access to your FTP directory.

After following above instruction your opencart webshop connected with iPaaS.

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