How do we get our own PEPPOL Access Point? ​

Get in touch with us so we can talk about your requirements. When we have a signed contract the process can start. If you want the SMP service only, you don't have to sign an agreement with PEPPOL and the actions listed below don't apply.

The mandatory testing process for new PEPPOL Access Points is not necessary if we operate yours. We have been granted a fasttrack by OpenPEPPOL enabling a super fast and smooth onboarding process. Make sure to mention that you intend to use the Access Point services of HubBroker hosted by Tickstar when you contact your PEPPOL Authority. 

In general the process looks like this for you when signing up for the Access Point service:

  1. Join OpenPEPPOL and sign the Transport Infrastructure agreement (TIA) with a PEPPOL authority. We can offer a guide that will help you to fill out the agreement.
  2. You should start to prepare to handle the envelope needed when you send and receive PEPPOL files. Current versions of the mandatory PEPPOL BIS message types can be found here. There are also sets of national PEPPOL documens such as the ones commonly used in Norway and in The Netherlands.
  3. When you receive an SMS from PEPPOL with a 4-digit passcode, just send it to us. Include your certificate contact details found in TIA Annex 1, paragraph 4.6. We will now create and install the Access Point (AP) certificate in your AP instance.
  4. We are now busy setting up and configuring your Access Point instance. 
  5. Ensure that you can write and delete files on the ftp account we have created for you.
  6. Send some test files to yourself in order to verify connectivity. This will also ensure that you can handle ACK/NACKs as well as incoming files from other PEPPOL APs.
  7. Test sign-off
  8. Done! You can now exchange messages with all PEPPOL Access Points.

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