Sprint 5.3.6 Release Notes

Updated by Ruchita Chavda

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations

New Feature

  • Implemented a basic feature to authenticate users for account management of MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 F&O

Unmapped Solution


  • Implemented a feature to customized user interface for the Harting Unmapped Dashboard by using AI line data
  • Implemented a feature to display Supplier and Customer Item No while fetching data from AI Button.

Bug Fixing

  • Fix a bug in the Unmapped editor when a user wants to send the file then an error pop-up message reflects to add Currency Code for Harting
  • Fix a bug in the Unmapped line data for multiple pages not coming properly by using AI
  • Fix a bug in the unmapped editor 404 Page not found error display for Harting.

Ticket Module

Bug Fixing

  • Fix a bug while resolving ticket sometimes task hours get started after a ticket is resolved.


Bug Fixing

  • Fix the issue where a system shows "You don't have the right to switch this user" message while switching to an external user

Rackbeat Integration

Bug Fixing

  • Fix an issue when we select "Use a selected product from Rackbeat account" then a product not displayed on general and customer level setting

Internal task from PD

Smart PDF 3.0

  • Generic JSON File to handle all document type.
  • Update Python code to enhance Tabula output
  • Inhouse AI Order Model update
  • R&D to find a third-party AI Supplier.
  1. Check for How to implement Ashx Handler which will work as a Gateway for accessing or download the file from iPass Solution
  2. Add a note in email body when email is sent from noreply@hubbroker.com
  3. Provide Option of Generating Key and Enable/Disable data security in Customer Setting

Internal Task from CS

  • ERIKS - 1 Endpoint activation, 4 Different Variant, 2 New mapping request
  • HARTING DEUTSCHLAND GMBH & CO. KG - 1 New mapping request
  • SENNHEISER NORDIC A/S - 1 Endpoint activation
  • Bella Operation A/S - 3 New mapping request
  • LUND-STOUGAARD ApS - 1 New service activation
  • Maplesoft Europe Limited - 1 New mapping request

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