Sprint 5.3.4 Release Notes

Updated by Ruchita Chavda

Economic Integration


  • Updated all the economic app's frontend SOAP API methods to REST API methods

Microsoft 365 BC

Bug Fixing:

  • We have done the analysis and concluded that due to some factors at MS 365 BC there was a problem with orders import at BC for a short period of time but now it's working properly. (refer to the inquiry at Dynamic 365 community - Dynamics Community Forum Thread Details)

Internal Task from PD:

  • Do the Research and Analysis Related to Dynamic MS365 F&O and Auth2.0 Connection - InProgress
  • Released all customer's economic ECI setups due to switching to REST API and informed them to confirm with their trading partners- Done
  • R&D: Implement XML Validation Engine for OIOUBL and BISV3 - Done
  • Bug: Problem in loading of task module and throwing 404 error- Done
  • R&D: Dynamic Form Layout Design [NextGen Editor] - InProgress
  • R&D on Chat Bot Feature available in the Market - InProgress
  • Analysis to update the backend code for file encryption and decryption data in iPaaS. - Done
  • Check for How to implement Ashx Handler which will work as Gateway for accessing or download the file from iPass Solution - InProgress
  • Update custom apps backend with economic REST APIs- InProgress

Internal Task from CS:

  • HARTING DEUTSCHLAND GMBH & CO. KG: 2 New mapping request
  • FH COM A/S: 1 New mapping request
  • ERIKS: 7 New mapping requests, 6 Different Variant
  • Delidrengene ApS: 1 Endpoint activation
  • SENNHEISER NORDIC A/S: 1 Endpoint activation
  • Dtales ApS: 1 New service activation
  • New Lead - Danskimpex Aps


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