Sprint 5.3.7 Release Notes

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Microsoft Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations

New Feature

  • Implemented a new feature to authenticate users for account management of MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 F&O

Uniconta Integaration


  • Added a feature to send a notification with an excluded product list from Uniconta if a user setup setting would be like "please do not create a product simply exclude it"

PDF 3.0 & Unmapped solution


  • Implemented an In-house AI solution for capturing sales order data automatically.

Economic Integration


  • Implemented REST API methods in all economic setups.

Rackbeat Integration


  • Feature to add a filtration by Rackbeat Id at the app dashboard.
  • Implemented a feature to use a line level delivery date from header level delivery date while import orders from Rackbeat

Bug Fixing

  • Fix the issue of sales invoices where only booked invoices should be processed.

ShopifytoBC Order Integration

Bug Fixing

  • Fix the issue of product-level discount syncing at a business central.

Ticket Module

Bug Fixing

  • Fix the issue when a user changes the task status to resolve, then it shows on hold message but this task is moved to "On Doing".
  • Fix the issue when the user tries to stop the timer from the ticket it does not allow to stop the timer from the ticket.
  • Fix the issue in an error message where it is showing the wrong for the already started ticket.


Bug Fixing

  • Fix the issue in an account statistics view on the dashboard which overlapped with dropdowns.


Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the issue in a Multi-Fector Authentication enables feature.

Bug Fixing

  • Fix the issue in the download searches file from Advance search shows a blank page when there is no data to download

Internal task from PD

  • tawk.to AI assistant R&D
  • GDAP LAW on ChatBotAI R&D
  • R&D on Chat Bot Feature available in the Market

Internal task from CS

  • Visumservice Helsingfors AB - 1 New service activation and  1 Endpoint activation  
  • Bella Operation A/S - 2 New mapping request
  • ERIKS - 2 New mapping request and   5 Different Variant            
  • Orkla House Care Europe - 2 New mapping request
  • Mybanker A/S - 1 New service activation
  • Raunsborg ApS - 1 New service activation
  • Procornea Nederland BV - 1 New service activation
  • Danskimpex Aps - 1 New service activation
  • Praxis A/S - 1 Different Variant
  • Fernando ApS - 1 New service activation
  • Nuuday A/S -  1 New mapping request
  • Mojo Trading ApS - 1 New service activation

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