Sharing and security

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Sharing and security is used to share HubBroker services with other users in your subscription with lots of security features.

Here HubBroker services means Adaptor, Mapping, Lookup and etc

Below options are available for sharing and security for HubBroker services

  1. Internal Sharing
  2. Lock adaptor/ or any service

Internal sharing

User can share the services to other users using below options

  • Only Me: Service will not be shared to any user, only that user can use the service
  • All Users: Service will be shared to all the users and all the users can use the service
  • Specific user group: You need to select some user groups so service will be shared to selected user groups and the users of that user groups only can use the service
  • Only admin users: Service will be shared to admin users of that company

Lock adaptor/ or any service

User can lock the service,

  • If service is locked, and service is shared to other users then other users will not be able to edit the service settings, they can only use the service
  • If service is not locked, then other user can edit the service details

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Last date of update: 24.09.2018

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