Adaptor: Notification Settings

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You can enable/disable the notification settings according to needs

Notification settings categorized into 3 sections:

1. File level notification settings

  • Enable stage 1,stage 2,stage 3(A),stage 3(B) for negative email notification when file is failed due to some specific reasons which is displayed in below image.
  • Enable positive email notification when file is processed successfully.
  • Create support ticket when any of the selected negative notification stage is failed in execution.

2. Adaptor level notification settings

  • Enable positive email notification when adaptor executed successfully.
  • Enable negative email notification when execution of adaptor is failed.

3. Notification based on filtration settings

  • Enable filtration notification when some files were not downloaded from source gateway due to filtration settings.

You can add/edit email subject or body content as per your requirements for all level of positive and negative notifications.
When any validation settings are applied into destination gateway in 'Destination' tab then in notification settings destination gateway should be selected in 3(a) or 3(b) to receive validation summary content in notification

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